Senior Program Testimonials


“We were so well informed on travel arrangements etc. Confidence and the realisation that there is a big wide world beyond WA. Inspiring and encouraging for future studies! What a exceptional, organised and inspirational program. Every facet was just perfect! Thank you so much! Our daughter loved everything about it and came hope excited about the future and her studies!”

T. Quartermaine, St. Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, WA

“Lavanya had a wonderful time. I think its a once in a lifetime experience for her. She mentioned that she learnt new things everyday. And also the team leaders /carers were well organized and was always there when needed. Everything was well prepared, planned and communicated that there were hardly any reason to communicate back and forth with the organizers. All the pictures from SUMGMUG was wonderful too. Kept us on our toes as well :) She mentioned the staff and all other people she met throughout the stay and while on the program was super friendly. Thank you ALL. Will recommend the program to family and friends.”

T. Wickramasinghe, Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Vic

“Brilliant brilliant programme.  Cannot fault any aspect. Thankyou so much. I felt confident that my daughter would be taken care of during the programme.”

K. Carlson, Perth College, WA

“Can't commend Actura highly enough! I believe inspiration gained and the observable positive changes will not be fully demonstrated yet.  As more time passes - this year, the rest of high school, career choices, will all be influenced by this experience. I have already commented to many family and friends how impressed I was with the organisation of and communication about the trip.  Although the overall cost was more than when schools organise this type of trip for themselves, I believe the additional payment was well-worth it for the 'peace of mind' aspect that came with such great organisational skills with payment, flights, accommodation, team leaders, communication etc.    Thank you so much for making this experience such a wonderful one for both our daughter and our family.”

J. Beattie, Perth College, WA

“The experience greater improved my daughter’s self confidence and independence. The organisation and logistics were great, and all staff were wonderful to deal with.  The experience for my daughter was fantastic. She had such a great time, she had no time to be homesick or bored. The experience sounded amazing.”

T. Carroll, St. Clare's, ACT

“An outstanding experience overall the Rocket school component in particular was very much enjoyed by our daughter. We would definitely recommend this opportunity its to others.  Thank you.”

R. Walker, Fairholme College, Qld

“Overall this was an excellent learning experience and overall Space School did a great job.  I would definitely recommend this trip to family and friends.”

A. Lochhead, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Space School to family and friends…It would have been great for the trip to have been a bit longer.  She has never been away from home for that long before, and this was her first time out of Australia.  Even so, she was not homesick at any point and was completely engaged and happy every day, even though she must have been exceptionally tired many times during the journey.  Thank you so much for giving her incredible lifelong memories and the trip of a lifetime.  I would also like to say how fantastic Dave was as my daughter's group leader.  She thought he was fantastic and he engaged with all the girls so well.  Stephanie was also a fantastic crew trainer at the USSRC.  Thank you Actura for making all of this possible :)”

D. Sassella, Methodist Ladies College, WA

“My daughter had already been drawn to this trip by the feedback of students at her school that had been before. The girls were kept on the go and busy, so much so I believe a few of them fell asleep while sitting down. The feedback here to me as a parent was my child was tired but having the best time. Also keeping the girls busy meant they did not get the chance to be homesick and for that I was grateful. Exceptional service, keep up the good work, I wish trips like this had been available when I went to school.  My daughter had a trip she will remember for a lifetime and loved every minute of it. First time to the USA for her and she can't wait to go back. Thank you to the staff that travelled with them, the girls loved them!!”

O. Wylie, Moreton Bay College, QLD

“It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for our daughter.”

K. Martin, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic

“Everything was well organised. Communications were timely and useful. Great to meet other participants before they left. Staff totally in control at departure and when we picked up our daughter in the US. So many unique experiences with great people and facilities. Our daughter had a fantastic time and now has a renewed interest in science particularly relating to space. We would recommend this to everyone and were surprised more girls from her school were not involved”

C. Grimmett, Fairholme College, Qld

“Without a doubt and without any hesitation I will recommend this programme (Space School) to family and friends and anyone that I know will it be family, friends or not.”

F. Dalton, Iona Presentation College, WA

“I was very happy the way the Space School was run so efficiently, constantly keeping us informed of what our girls were doing. The opportunity’s to try new experiences, meet new people and hear inspiring people talk about their passions and achievements was amazing. I was very pleased with how Jeszica’s condition was managed and how I was informed along the way about any concerns. I know that Jeszica had an amazing time away and how excited she was to share her experiences about everything she encountered on her journey. I felt the constant updates were wonderful, the photos great and the habits Emails very helpful and we are continuing to implement them in our family life. Definitely a well organised programme, that I’m grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to attend, she is already talking about the senior program now.”

L. Gabriel, Methodist Ladies College, WA

“The professionalism, care and communication were excellent. Sowing seeds. I am not sure of the immediate impact for Genevieve, but I am delighted she had the opportunity to be a part of somethong neither my husband nor I could have dreamed of as kids.”

L. Fitzgerald-Baker, Moreton Bay College, Qld

“Great experience for my son.”

M. Alcantara, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“My child matured whilst was away and could not stop talking about the program. I think all kids should experience this life changing course.”

A. Soulis, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“My child wants to sign on for next years program. Very positive experience for my son and the family”

M. Lay, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“We didn't attend the preparation day but found all information provided through phone calls and online portal was adequate prior to departure. The morning of departure was relaxed, well organised and positive. Hugo was quite nervous about the trip and phoned/messaged home most days. But he had an amazing time and enjoyed all of the many new opportunities presented. All information was presented clearly and in a useful format. All photos and communications during the trip were positive, timely and reassuring for parents at home. The trip was exceptionally well organised. Hugo had no issues or complaints. We would highly recommend it to others.”

R. Iser, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“Cannot thank the staff and helpers enough for helping provide a fantastic experience. An awesome experience”

S. Brindal, Hale School

“My son had an extremely memorable time. I would definitely recommend the program to others!”

R. Bhatt, Hale School

“Very good communication, it was really good to see the photos and Facebook posts so I could ask Ryan some questions during our phone calls. The teachers and staff were all very well organised.  I felt very confident my son was in good hands. I can see that Ryan has moved to a new level of independence.  We hope this trip is offered again so our younger son can have an opportunity like this.”

J. Popovic, Hale School

“I collected my son in Houston, but was very smooth. He has come back with more self-assurance and many amusing and interesting stories. He obviously had a wonderful time! The communication was very good. Our logistics were complicated because I met my son in Houston at the end of the program. The travel agent you used, John Gazal, did a wonderful job helping us with our onward journey and eventual return to Perth. I make nearly all of our travel arrangements but could not have done this on my own! Would I recommend it? I have been doing so!

L. Barker, Hale School

“Fantastic experience for young people.”

L. Folan, Hale School

“This was such an amazing experience for my son.  He learned so much, had an amazing time and it has definitely inspired a continued love of learning particularly in the STEM subjects!!”

A. Brown, Hale School

“I say "met expectations" because you were very clear on the expectations, outcomes and previous experiences by other schools so I believe I had a clear understanding of what to expect and you delivered that well. We collected Ava from Houston and this was managed very easily. I am thrilled with Ava's positive attitude, her enthusiasm for the course and for further studies. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I have already done so.”

M. Campion, Ascham School

“Our daughter had an amazing experience.  Thank you for this opportunity. We would love to send our younger daughter when she gets to high school in 2022”

K. Howard, Ascham School

“The program was well organised and communications were excellent. My wife and I thought the organisation, communications, itinerary, and implementation of the program were excellent.”

P. Prather, Ascham School

“I already have recommended Space School to my friends.”
M. Taylor, Ascham School

“Good communications and thought provoking activities. All smooth and efficient. Both daughters were very enthused and positive on their return. Very happy with the outcomes.”

P. Stokes, Ascham School



“JSC is an incredible experience - historical place that both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed.”
Aish Ravi, Wesley College, Vic

“Amazing, informative exhibits, tram tour was great, lots of inspirational content for the students.”
Amy Cao, International Grammar School, NSW

“Hard to choose between Space Centre Houston and Cell lab. They offered different activities and had a different focus but both were interactive and engaging and showed how the discipline of science is applied.”
Anthony Simmons, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“USSRC activities have the potential to excite, interest students. Most can not be replicated at school.”
Belinda Neaves, Wesley College, Vic

“The kids were engaged, fast paced, exciting.”
Claire Loh, International Grammar School, NSW

“Space Center Houston - very educational. The daily dance - good for wellbeing. Speaker at Space Center was also great.”
Cora Algie, St. Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, WA

“Amazing activities and facilities at USSRC.”
Daniel Verrocchi, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Excellent experience, learned a great deal. Was just great fun and a great bonding experience with the rest of the school staff. It also gave us a breather and was less wall-to-wall activities.”
Denny Greenberg, Pymble Ladies' College, NSW

“Guest speakers were eally informative and inspiring.”
Elena Vakhnin, Korowa Anglican Girls' School, Vic

“Shark dissection, everyone loved it. Well presented. The daily dance was fun to pump up the students and get moving.”
Gemma Johnson, Mentone Girls' Secondary College, Vic

“Actura have been supremely well prepared and the planning has been first class”
Jeremy von Einem, Barker College, NSW

“Space Center Houston, this is where we were closest to the real action of space travel and the associated technologies. Excellent facilitation from our group leaders.”
Ken Moir, Hale School, WA

“Shark Dissection. The presenters were well organised - the information provided was accurate and the activity was interesting.  NBA game this is a cultural experience that the students cannot get at home. It is a truly American experience.”
Lana Noble, Presbyterian Ladies' College, WA

“Most exciting and engaging for the students.”
Laura Young, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Students realised the importance and integral role
passionate and creative people play in exploring the mysteries of the earth and space. They could relate the content they learn in STEM subjects in the classrooms at school to real-life situations, projects and exciting simulations.” 
Loretta Wholly, Merici College, ACT

“Access to information and to see mission control!!! Both camp and space centre fulfilled a dream to go to NASA so nothing was going to beat these! The scientists in the Davidson Centre were a highlight!!!.”
Mary Rheinberger, Loreto Kirribilli, NSW

“The missions at USSRC were the highlight of the trip and authentically connected the skills of the program”
Murray McKay, Canberra Girls Grammar School, ACT

“The staff were great, well done. Really helpful, organised and caring.  The boys had a great time and so did I. The experience provided the boys with numerous STEM experiences which has given many of them 'food for thought'. Once again I thought Actura staff were excellent and that the trip and procedures were very well organised.
Michael Beilharz, Knox Gammar School, NSW 

“We will work to link more ideas learnt during our stay with curriculum programs when we get back.”
Michelle Ryan, Korowa Anglican Girls' School, Vic

“All the Guest Speakers were excellent as it opens a window into reality. They were motivational and extremely professional.”
Natalie Ford, Ravenswood, NSW

"Thanks to Actura for arranging such an amazing tour. Attention to detail, organisation details, and unwavering support of school staff made the experience a complete pleasure. Thanks for providing a smooth operation and inspiring experience. All the speakers were inspirational, they provided a tangible understanding of the space industry.”
Nick Glass, International Grammar School, NSW

“As a senior leader at JPC, I strongly support the growing partnership with Actura. I look forward to continuing to grow the links between our organisations for the benefit of our students”
Robert Marr, John Paul College, Qld

“Shark dissection as all students were engaged by the presentation and presentors.  The NBA is once in a lifetime experience for some.  Astronaut dinner was so interesting and inspirational.”
Sally Glennon, Somerville House, Qld

“Good activities engaged the students.”
Tim Dorning, St Michael's Grammar School, Vic

“WOW!!! Great chance to look back at space history, especially considering this was part of the early years”
Vanessa Bain, Domremy College, NSW