Junior Program Testimonials


“The highlights of this amazing experience and what I have learnt on this expedition are such as learning through mission simulators, about the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, shark dissection, shark anatomy, how to spend my money well, the shuttle program, the ISS, life of an astronaut, how to make your own rocket, time management, the 7 habits of hightly effective teens, cells and blood, bacteria, energy, oil drilling, the Orion space capsule, communication skills, presentation skills, about Robonaut, Sky lab, the little Joe rocket, constellations and stars, space bases, how NBA games work, etc. I really enjoyed this trip.”

Abhilash D., Hale School, WA

“My time here was incredible. It made me feel quite independent and important. I liked it because lots of people won't get the same opportunity as me, especially in the simulators, meeting astronauts, conducting DNA experiments and travelling with a wonderful group.”

Agna K., Ascham, NSW

“Space School has provided me more than insight over current STEM progress and possible career options but also challenged myself as a team player and person. The relationships I have made make a large impact on my overall experience and I'm extremely fortunate to have met all the incredible people around me. The most important thing I learnt on this trip is that space exploration is not a science endeavour but rather a human endeavour; to move forward we need the talents and strengths of all people in all areas from sport to art, from science to music. It doesn't matter how people are different, their differences are going to be the power of humanity. I learnt this through combining the space education along with the personal development and I think that's something very valuable to combine because their juxtaposition leads us to discover things greater than ourselves and that is what has made Space School special to me.”

Alessandra N., Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic

“I learned all about space and other scientific areas. It was also a great bonding experience and I really enjoyed the rides, astronaut training, forensic science and the cell lab. I loved making new friends and getting to know new people. The staff were really supportive of me and the others and helped us achieve our goals.”

Alice D, Ascham, NSW, NSW

“Space School was a fun experience as I learnt lots about the history of space programs, STEM related activities and made friends. I learnt lots of facts including Alan Sheppard was the first man in space. I also learnt many CSI skills including the different fingerprints. I also learnt marine biology and facts about sharks. I also met a lot more people on the trip.”

Alyssa R., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“During the Space School journey, I learnt all about space and marine science which were aspects I have never explored. I can now think about my future endeavours and subject choices for the years to come. I’ve also learnt how to connect with students of all ages and year levels. Overall, I really enjoyed this trip; it benefited me where I’ve gained valuable knowledge.”

Ameera J., John Paul College, Qld

“The shark dissection was very interesting (and a bit smelly). It was also amazing and horrifying to hear about the shark death rates :( Space School was interesting and I learnt new career options which I will want to follow and it will be AMAZING!”

Amelie S., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I loved Space School. It was a really great experience and I took a lot out of it. I learnt what I wanted to do when I am older and I rode scary simulators and rides that I had fears of. This program helped me to be more confident in myself and helped me to be able to make friends and speak in front of a crowd. All the people I met were amazing and overall I had so much fun!”

Angela C., Moreton Bay College, Vic

“In my time at Space School, I have learned so much more than just rockets and space. Reaching out to other fields of science, such as marine biology, and also learning more group skills and broadening my knowledge of American culture. Our Group Managers and Group Assistants were also really great, Michelle was the best mum, Kiera was really lively, Mr Murray was talented and Ms Hibbert liked to answer our questions.”

Annette C., St Margaret's Anglican Girl's School, Vic

“At Space School I have learnt how much I really owe to my parents for allowing me to experience this. I learnt so much valuable info on this trip.”

Ava N., Iona Presentation College, WA

“Space School has been an amazing experience! It has taught me so much about science, space, rockets and life in general! Space School is an awesome experience and very interesting! I have learnt so much and have made so many new friends. The teachers (Group Managers, Group Assistants and Cora and Lana) have been amazing, caring and very helpful. Everyone who we have met have been so incredible. I have loved space camp so much and will miss the camp! Thank you to everyone who has helped organise and make my experience very memorable!”

Ava Q, St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I have learnt so much about past, present and future spaceflight, what it takes to be an astronaut, the pros and cons of going to space, the mission to Mars and more. It has been an amazing experience, and one that I will never forget.”

AvaRose L., Ascham, NSW

“I have had an amazing experience at Space School from the friends I've had and made here, the staff that manages and does everything excellently and also exploring the US and learning different areas of science here. I've learnt a lot about the different space programs, history of rockets, roles of mission control, lives of astronauts as well as different branches of science such as energy, marine biology, cells and forensics.”

Ayden M., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“From the start I was extremely nervous to leave my family and friends behind, however now I don't want to leave! I have made so many friends and experienced learning and education about space and engineering in a different view. We learnt things from Forensic science to rockets and engineering and every experience was like a present, you are surprised to see what you find inside, however when you do open it, the contents are always a new, amazing experience!”

Bayley S., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“I have just learnt so much and the experience was amazing mainly because I thought it would only be like rockets and I didn't understand but OH HELL NO. I was wrong.”

Brian B., Hale School, WA

“My experience at Space Camp was very good. It was fun and enjoyable with all the activities set up. I learnt a lot about space history at Space Camp and I found that very interesting. In Hosuton, my experience was good. Some activities were fun and I learnt a lot about marine biology, rocket components and much more! Overall I had a wonderful time at Space School - the staff were good and made a lot of friends + plenty of people who didn't even live where I live! It was a great experience and I found myself very inspired by every activity I did and people I met.”

Caisey C., Somerville House, Qld

“Space School was such a great experience and I learnt so many new things and met so many new people. It was able to be super enjoyable while still being educational. I learnt so much about space as well as many other areas of science. Thank you for making my time at space school so enjoyable :)”

Caitlin G., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“Space Center Houston. It was very interesting and I learnt lots of new things and it's a major tourist I have had a great experiences where I have learnt interesting facts. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am really glad I took it. I enjoyed getting to understand a bit more about American culture. I enjoyed going around to all the tourist destinations I learnt so many new and interesting facts. I've really enjoyed spending time in America. I have made some really close friends that I hope to keep in touch with.”

Caitlin O., Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic

“Space School was an amazing experience and I enjoyed everything. The pre-departure preparation date was great as I got to meet everyone I was going with. I think I enjoyed the activities at Huntsville better as they were more hands-on and interactive. The activities in Houston were still fun. I enjoyed meeting everyone on this trip from the crew trainers at the USSRC, our amazing Group Managers and of course the girls I got to stay with over the two weeks.

Cameron G., Fairholme College, Qld

“It exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience. I have learnt much more than I thought I would.”

Camille S., Catholic Ladies College, Vic

“My experience was extremely different in a positive way, where I won't be able to normally experience at another place. Although I don't know much STEM skills (I don't even know), I know about space such as Apollo, Robonaut and the team presentations that we had to research about, I also learnt about other sciences which was very fun. I learnt a bit of forensics, dissections, health (cell lab) and other little facts. I like that this trip made me more engaged and interested to the sciences and makes me want to pursue a STEM related job.”

Catherine L., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“I've enjoyed my experience here at Space School because it taught me a lot about space and science.”

Cindy X., Shelford Girls Grammar, Vic

“I had a lot of fun at space camp because most of the activities were well thought out and fun and informative/ interesting. Also the group leaders (Dan, Lincoln, Isaac, Justine) were all fun, nice and wanted us to have the best time possible. Also the accommodation was good and the different places we went to were interesting and other people we met along the way were good.”

Daksh A., Hale School, WA

“Whilst being in Houston and Huntsville I have learnt many techniques that teach me to be a better man. Once arriving in Huntsville I was overwhelmed by all the facilities they had. I have learnt many qualities of what it is like to be a man, thanks to Lincoln and Dan. Houston has also been a really fun place. I have met so many new people and had so many new experiences I've enjoyed every second of being in Houston except for when I was sick but thanks to all the help I got I was back on my feet feeling better. I have learnt about all the Apollo mission (1-17) all the shuttles (Pathfinder, Challenger, Atlantis, Columbia, etc.) I have also done the 1/6 Gravity chair, MMU and the moving chair. I did missions that tested my knowledge and my groups knowledge.”

Daniel S., Hale School, WA

“My experience at Space School was really fun. We learnt about space history and other different sciences. I liked Huntsville because they had many simulations and the experience there was very entertaining. I liked Houston because it wasn't just space-related stuff. We learnt about American culture and different sciences like CSI forensics. I also enjoyed the NBA game. Tim (Group Manager) was the very best and he needs a pay rise. He was very funny and kid-friendly.”

Darius Y., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Space school has been a fulfilling experience for me and was well worth the cost. There were a lot of unique experiences on this trip that I probably wouldn't get anywhere else. At space school I have learned many things not just academically but also about my friends and how to give good speeches. My experience has been helpful and was very scientific, this is good because I want to do something with science, like an engineer or a rocket scientist. Over the course of space school I have learned how to dissect a shark, the different spacesuits, the path of human space exploration. Overall the trip has been great and I hope to go on something like it again.”

Declan S., Hale School, WA

“My experience has been amazing, I have made so many wodnderful friends and our whole group really connected (AGSA 6).  This trip has been so educational with so many once in a lifetime opportunities. I will certainly cherish so many amazing memories.”

Elise B., Perth College, WA

“Space school has been an amazing opportunity and I will always remember it. I have made life-long friends with girls from the other side of the country. It has also helped me decide what kind of career I want. THANK YOU SPACE SCHOOL!!!”

Elizabeth R., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“It was a really interesting and unique experience where I've learnt lots. There was a wide variety of activities.”

Ella A., Iona Presentation College, WA

“I learnt large amounts of info at Space School in the two weeks we were here. I learnt about space history with our team leaders Keith and Joe, such as Alan Sheppard being the first American in space or Apollo 13 being a 'successful failure'. While in Houston, not only did I broaden my knowledge about space but I also learnt about marine biology and how sharks are misunderstood creatures, forensics and cells, American culture, using money wisely and, most importantly, the Dance which was a creative way to wake us up in the morning.”

Ella B., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“I had a very enjoyable experience this trip. I have learned heaps about space exploration and other sciences. I have also met some amazing people and made some great friends.”

Ella C., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“It was amazing and even though I developed a love for robotics, I really found my place and future for myself.

Ellie N., Catholic Ladies College, Vic

“Loads of things about all fields of space such as previous expeditions to the moon. I also learnt that it isn't that hard to have a job in the fields of STEM because of our inspirational talks.

Emma G., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I learned the history of space exploration, how the space race started, what's inside a shark, how to not freak out in every situation, how micro-gravity affects physics, how life changes in micro-gravity and that scones are called biscuits and you put fried chicken in them over here.”

Emma K., Presbyteriuan Ladies College, WA

“I have learnt so much at Space School. It's been such a great opportunity for me to develop and learn as a person. I feel that my knowledge of space is far deeper now and is also supported with amazing stories and activities. I also feel I developed my interpersonal skills and became a more open person. Thank you :)”

Erin C., Perth College, WA

“My experience at Space School taught me what it takes to be successful in life and the commitment to become what you want in life. I learnt about the properties of a shark, the different parts of Rice University, all of the exhibits of the Johnson Space Center, Alan Sheppard's greatest achievements. We learnt about the different missions and parts of the space shuttle and rocket ships. We also learnt the satellite components.”

Ethan A., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“This trip has been an amazing opportunity and I have made so many new friends and I have gained much more independence. In Huntsville I learnt so much about space and in Houston I got to experience the culture of Texas. The shark dissection was amazing and very interesting, as was everything on this trip.”

Freya T., Presbyteriuan Ladies College, WA

“Space School has definitely been an incredible experience and I am so happy I was able to experience it. I have made so many friends and especially friends from Canberra. I learnt lots about space, robots, sharks and much more. I also became friends with people I didn't even know went to my school. I love how this was in America and how we got to go to Texas for the first time.”

Genevieve B., Moreton Bay College, Vic

“I enjoyed the experience as it was fun and inspiring. I learned about space, I also learned lots about other subjects. These subjects include biology, dinos and sharks. I enjoyed learning what I have available to me in the future and I hope to make a positive influence on the world and on the next generation.”

Gianluca S., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“The Space School was an exciting and interesting experience exploring space, forensics, marine biology and overall utilising the STEM program. My knowledge in the area of space grew infinitely due to the amazing week that we spent in Huntsville at the NASA Space Camp. The 1/6 Gravity Chair and the Multi-Axis Trainer were insightful measures into a small section of training that astronauts endure. Furthermore, the Cell Lab and CSI: Body of Evidence were also personal favourites as they gave me a greater insight into what it is like to work in the field of forensics.”

Hannah d, Moreton Bay College, Qld

“Space school was great…I am influenced now to take a STEM class and coding class as well as engineering.”

Harry M., Hale School, WA

“I liked Space School a lot even though at certain times I felt homesick. I liked Houston more than the experience in Huntsville due to the facilities and in Houston we collaborated with the other group more in activities. I was quite surprised at the level of facilities in Houston.  Overall, I learnt quite a lot about the qualities I should adopt as a teenager and also about the history of space exploration, which I enjoyed, as well as the future of space exploration like the Mars One project.”

Harry X, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Space School was a life changing event. It has helped me in figuring out the path I would like to take to study.”

Hayley H., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“Space school has been one of best experiences of my life. I thought I knew almost everything about space exploration but I could not have been more wrong. I have learnt sooo much over the past 2 weeks. I also, surprisingly to me, made so many new friends. The speeches were so inspirational they made me want to get up and start achieving my goals right then and there. I gained a lot of confidence over the past 2 weeks too I could have never been able to stand up in front of 32 people I didn't know at the start of the 2 weeks. All in all this experience has changed my life.”

Hayley S., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“On this space camp I've experienced the NBA game and the American culture. I've learnt about space and biology. But I've also have learnt great ways to gain confidence and presentation skills. There were a few spots that I disliked and that was my sickness and the smell of the shark. There were some skills that I learnt such as organisation and the money spending.”

Hugh O., Hale School, WA

“At Space School I have learnt about all the different space programs, how they started. I also learnt about forensics, sharks and cells. It was very fun and I would like to do the senior one.”

Hugo I., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“My experience was great. I learned a lot about the past, present and even future rockets and space programs.”

Indiana S., Hale School, WA

“At Space School I have learned to stay strong and enjoy every moment even when it is really hard because it all works out in the end and you'll end up making friends and having fun.”

Indigo J., Presbyteriuan Ladies College, WA

“I think that it was really fun. The hotel was really good. I learnt lots at Space Camp and the JSC”

Irene H., Mentone Girls Grammar, Vic

“My experience was one of the best in my life. It tops skydiving. I don't believe the words have been invented to describe the fun I've had meeting new people, doing activities and seeing the USA. All I can say is I loved this and unless I become an astronaut and go to space, this will be one of the best times in my life.”

Isaac C., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Space School has been extremely fun and beneficial. It has given me a clearer perspective on how small of a role Earth plays if we look at the bigger picture. I now grasp a deeper understanding on my interest for the present as well as the future, I have learnt about the timeline of space exploration as well as NASA's plan for the future. Overall, Space School was a great experience and I learnt a lot more than I thought I would.”

Isabel D., Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic

“During my stay in America, I not only had a wonderful time, I also got to meet new people that I have become very close with. But also learn a lot of things about space. The experience wasn't only educational, it was also cultural and amazing. Definitely recommending it to friends and family.”

Jana A., Canberra Girls Grammar, ACT

“I have really enjoyed space camp and I'm sad to go. It was an out of this world experience that I will never forget. I was able to learn and experience so many things that I can't do in Australia. I also had meeting new people and getting to know people like the Group Managers, teachers and other girls.”

Jasmine B., Canberra Girls Grammar, ACT

“The Space School program was an amazing and motivational program and it helped me develop new skills that I could use in my daily life. Some of the skills I used was critical thinking, problem solving, team work, curiosity and imagination. I broadened my horizons with an international experience, while having fun and making new friends. I have learnt so many new things that Space School has taught me.”

Jasmine D., Iona Presentation College, WA

“It was a good experience where I learnt a lot about different things. My interest in space has increased after this trip to Houston and Huntsville.

Jenny F., Fintona Girls School, Vic

"I have learnt so much from the experience, I can’t sum it up in to words. The main things that I have learnt are team communication and things ranging from how a star is formed to F=MA. I learnt more about the jobs I want to do and the requirements needed. Also the chance to fly to America and see NASA is a once in a life time experience I have taken so much from this.”

Jensen P., Wesley College, Vic

“At Space School I learned heaps about space and also I made heaps of friends on the trip. Although it was about space school, we learnt about personal motivation and how to look after yourself.

Jessica C., Mentone Girls Secondary, Vic

“I have really enjoyed my time at Space School as I have had the opportunity to meet many inspiring people, such as our guest speakers, Group Manager and all of my peers. I have also become more knowledgeable and passionate about space, biology and history of space. Coming to Space School has helped me to widen my options for my future. Overall, I have not regretted my choice to attend Space School this year.”

Jessica M., Canberra Girls Grammar, ACT

“I have learned so much on Space School, it's been an interesting experience and exciting camp. The girls I have spent time with feel like my family and Jesse and the people who have looked after us are so kind. I love Space School!”

Jordana G., Mentone Girls Grammar, Vic

“My experience at Space School was a great experience. We learnt so much about all the space mission at USSRC and felt what it was like on real space missions. I also enjoyed my stay at the habitat although it wasn't the most comfortable I still enjoyed it. In Houston the camp gave me even more experiences to enjoy and learn from, like the shark dissection, I had never done that before. I learnt about how the shark's liver is 2/3 of their body. I also got to learn about American culture.”

Josh K., Hale School, WA

“The overall experience has been very fun, and exposed me to more knowledge about space and other scientific areas. In particular, the IMAX movie on engineering we watched in Huntsville USSRC, and the Rice Uni tour, have made me much more interested in engineering.”

Joyce C., Ascham, NSW

“Overall I learned many facts and things about space, the universe, and astronauts. From simulators to engaging presentations, I have had such a large intake of knowledge over the past few weeks. Furthermore, my inter-personal skills have greatly improved. My Group Managers have been great fun and helpful, always supportive. I believe the 7 Habits have also had a vast effect on me that will help me forever.”

Kahan B., Hale School, WA

“My experience here was amazing I really am so lucky to be here my Group Manager was amazing the crew trainers at Huntsville were awesome they made the experience. I learned all about the Apollo missions, my favourite mission was the Apollo 13 Mission. This has been the best ever experience I have met so many good friends, I would love to do this again. Thank you!!”

Kara M., Perth College, WA

“When I got onto that plane in Sydney, I was clueless and very, very excited. I was looking forward to touch down in Huntsville. On the plane, I was sitting next to Phillipa and she definitely made the flight way more enjoyable. When I was in Huntsville, I had tonnes of fun. There were many things I was afraid of so for the rest of the trip I forced myself to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am very glad that I did that because otherwise I would have missed out on so much more. In conclusion, Space School was life changing.

Krista S., Ascham, NSW

My overall experience was absolutely astonishing and such an amazing time that you really can't get anywhere else. I've learnt about how and what started the space exploration like Robert Goddard with his first liquid fuel rocket and Weiner Von Braun with his ideas on travelling to the moon. Also about where we are going with commercial flights through Space X and Virgin Galactic and the Mars exploration using the Orion capsule which is going to support astronauts for six months in space. I am so happy that I got to go on this trip because it has helped me realise more of who I am.”

Lauren A., Mary Mackillop College, NSW

“Space School was the best trip I ever had and most likely will have. The Group Managers were amazing and the crew trainers were fantastic. It was an amazing experience and I would gladly do it again and would recommend it to everyone. I got to know everyone in my group and the ACT group really well and they are all wonderful people, and they made this trip enjoyable with their humour, dancing, singing etc. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity, it was well worth the long flight.”

Lily S., Fairholme College, Qld

“I had a fantastic experience at Space School and learnt so much valuable information. From teamwork skills to scientific knowledge and invaluable life experiences learnt and had, I extremely enjoy this trip.

Maddie M, Fairholme College, Qld

“I had lots of fun! I loved all the activities especially the USSRC Space Camp because the activities were unique and lots of fun! It was lots of fun learning about space and I liked the 7 Habits. The cabinmates I had were lots of fun but I must admit that we had a few late nights!I have made many friends in different years which I never would have made if I hadn't gone to space school. Overall I thought space school was amazing and I would love to come back for Senior Space School.

Madi H., Ascham, NSW

“Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Space School. I learnt a lot about space and met some inspirational speakers. I also learnt about marine life and cells. Throughout this trip I bonded a lot with my group. I also met people in other groups that I have become friends with. I loved dancing and eating. I will honestly never forget this experience.”

Mali T., Ascham, NSW

“I really enjoyed space school and what it has taught me. Starting in Huntsville, I feel they decided to start with the best activities first. All of the simulators, I think accurately showed how the actual world play out, or at the least, something similar to it. In Houston we learned more about the cultural aspects of America where we left our comfortable hotel rooms and went to various events and locations to learn more about space, and ourselves. Houston is my number one location on this trip for culture.”

Matthew W., Hale School, WA

“Throughout Space School, I have always felt supported by my peers, crew managers and crew trainers. I have learned so much more than I could have imagined about space, it’s history and even sharks! It has been great to experience American culture, especially through the NBA game. I have gained a stronger sense of independence and self-reliance and I have made so many new friends. It has been an amazing educational and cultural experience for me and I would recommend it to my friends.”

Max-Xinn T, Somerville House, Qld

“My first thoughts on going to Space School is that because I was a little older I wouldn't enjoy my group but it was the opposite, I have met the most beautiful intelligent girls that I will be friends for life. The staff has been amazing!!! So kind and can understand you which I really appreciated. My Group Manager, Bree, is amazing the best group leader in the entire program in my opinion made me feel so comfortable and when I was sick and lost my backpack was always there to help no matter what. The places and people and equipment that I have experienced on this tour is so amazing and is a once in a lifetime tour!!!"

Natalie R., Strathcona Baptist, Vic

“Space School taught me the vast importance of human exploration in the world. It highlighted information I simply couldn't have known without coming here. It was such a joyous occasion.”

Natania W., Ascham, NSW

“The USSRC was very fun, I enjoyed it. It was great mentoring experience as all mentors were kind and energetic about the subject. We got to simulate what it was like to train like an astronaut and the history of space. The part in Houston was also very fun but it was less focused on space and it provided a good idea of American culture. It helped us learn about how to be successful and how to be a highly effective teenager through the use of the 7 Habits presented to us.”

Nathan F, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“I enjoyed the program because I learnt about space, rockets, astronaut live, ISS, ISS live, and simulations. All the teachers and speakers inspired me to be an astronaut.”

Nathaniel M., Hale School, WA

“During Space School I learnt numerous things including the future of space travel and the importance of STEM in the workforce. I also learnt a lot about myself and some good habits to implement in my daily life.”

Nishtha M., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“My experience at Space School was good. I enjoyed all the activities and I learned a lot about the history of space. I would have liked to do more on the other areas of STEM subject, like the CSI part and forensic science. I also would have liked to get to know some of the people better. I enjoyed all the inside jokes our team has (Alan Sheppard). The American culture activities were very fun. The 7 Habits were very beneficial to me and I hope to use them in my future.”

Nora P., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Space school was an amazing experience, I learnt so much and not just about the science behind space flight and the new challenges facing us in the Orion but also about personal challenges that I have set myself to improve as a person. I also learnt a lot about the cultural activities and created a bigger perspective activities and created a bigger perspective of the world we live in. Of course the science behind everything was the standout part as I have expanded my knowledge of STEM greatly.”

Oliver H., Hale School, WA

“I loved all the activities, especially the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the NBA game, the astronaut and space presentations and the shopping. But most of all, I loved making so many new friends and they are what truly made the trip fantastic!  I learnt so much and developed so much as a person, and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

Olivia J., Fintona Girls School, Vic

“Shark Dissection because I enjoy animals and aspire to be a surgical vet when I'm older. Space School was an amazing experience and I learnt heaps of new things about space and science. I made lots of new friends as well which was good. Our crew trainers were amazing (especially Kendall!) which made the experience super fun and enjoyable.”

Olivia M., St Hildas Anglican, wa

“The experience was excellent, we did many activities that I thought we would and they were way better than I would have thought. I learnt a lot of things about the space race, the crews of the rockets, Alan Sheppard was a legend and sharks are oily.”

Patrick Z., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“I learnt so much from going on this tour, I learnt a lot about the Apollo mission and like in Space, this tour is really amazing and I think lots of people should go on it.

Penny M., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“I have learnt so much at space school and have enjoyed myself so much. I loved meeting all these people and getting to know them. It was awesome to learn about space but also branch out into other fields and areas of science. The whole experience is amazing and such a great thing to do. I loved every moment of this.”

Philippa S., Sydney Girls High School, NSW

“At Space School I have expanded my intelligence and knowledge, made new friends and gained important values. Space School was also a cultural experience, where I learnt a lot about the American culture and how different it was from Australian.”

Prianka B., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I have loved it here and I have learned so much. All the people I meet and the friends I have made 100% unforgettable. I would love to be able to go on the Senior Space School and would recommend it to everyone.”

Quinn P., Fairholme College, Qld

“I have learnt a great deal from Space School. I learnt the most about space at space camp and got to experience the most about America at Houston. I found space camp extremely immersive and found that Houston taught me a lot about different sciences, especially biology. I loved the whole experience deeply.”

Raquel S., Ascham, Qld

“At Space School I found that overall I loved it. I learnt so many interesting things that I would never have learnt at home or inside a classroom, I learnt not only new knowledge but like skills and more about myself. The people were wonderful and I'm so glad that I came. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The Group Managers were wonderful and really great when I had trouble sleeping or falling homesick and I was so overwhelmed at how nice they all were and I owe them so much. I had a great experience and wouldn't trade it for the world.”

Roshan D., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I have had such a wonderful trip and have met such amazing people that I wouldn't of if it wasn't because of this trip. I have learnt so much stuff not only about space but much further, medical science and so on. I learnt about how important teamwork was and how rewarding it was to help someone. Overall, I rate the Space School Expedition 10/10!”

Ruobing T., Firbank Girls Grammar, Vic

“My experience was great and I had learnt lots about space and other things. I had learnt about the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions a lot. I learnt about rockets and their names. I also learnt what it is like to be an astronaut and have met people with first hand experience. I learnt about the marine life of a shark, oil production and energy rates. I also learnt about blood and bacteria at the cell lab. Last of all, I learnt about how to solve a crime scene. That was cool. Overall, this was a fantastic trip and I'd like to do it again.”

Ryan P., Hale School, WA

“At Space School I have learned so much. I have learned about engineering, science and history. I have also learned other things like how to make friends and how to collaborate. This has been a life-changing experience and I now feel like I can pursue a career in STEM.”

Sadie P., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“During my stay at Space School I have gained a plethora of useful knowledge relating, but not limited to the universe around us and space.”

Sasha B., Ascham, NSW

“My favourite was the space center in Houston. This is because I got to do everything basically that a real astronaut would do. It felt very professional as well as fun and I really enjoyed the mission control. I have learnt so much at space school and the experience flying over as a group to America is amazing. You learn so many life skills. Space School has been incredible I have learnt the whole history of spaceflight now, plus I am super overwhelmed by how far humans have excelled in technology. I used to think it was just that we flew people up to the moon once and I didn't understand how technical and how much energy is put into it. I also didn't know the behind the scenes of spaceflight. I really respect those people that were involved with all of the space missions. Not just astronaut but mission control as well.”

Sasha E., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“The overall experience was extremely enjoyable and I was able to make lots of new friends. I have learned plenty about space exploration, including it's history, our current progress and available technologies, what it is like in space and much more. The presentations delivered to us by our Group Leaders and famous people in the field of space exploration were also very entertaining and rewarding.”

Shangyou Y., Fintona Girls School, Vic

“My experience at Space School wasn't what I expected, it was more than I had expected and I loved every bit of it! It has opened my eyes, as I have learnt and seen/done things that some kids probably won't get to do. I am so glad I was able to attend such a camp, I met amazing people that have inspired me to do something I want to do in my life. I have made lifetime friends and overall had a ball!”

Shannon W., Moreton Bay College, Vic

“I really enjoyed the Space School experience! It was very educational, fun and helpful. I made many friends and met new people. I will never forget this trip. My favourite things were the CSI, Huntsville Space Camp and the Shark Dissection.”

Shivaani S., Fintona Girls School, Vic

“I learnt a lot at Space School and made many unforgettable memories and friendships over its course. I learnt much about space missions, recent technologies and space history. It taught me to think in a positive mind-set and has changed my thoughts on spaceflight.”

Wendy X., Ascham, NSW

“My experience was really good because we learnt a lot and I had so much fun. I met so many new people and I made so many friends. I also learnt so much about space like all of the missions, but I also learnt about other sciences like forensics and biology. I also had fun with my roommates in the hotel room, talking about stuff. I feel like this program is very educational and fun because you make so many new friends.”

Somya D., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“I have learned a lot of new things like the parts of the shark or what different cells look like under a microscope. I made so many new amazing friends and have gained way more independence and the staff were soo amazing if I felt homesick which was very rarely thanks to everyone.  Thank you for the amazing time it was so fun.”

Sophia V., St Hildas Anglican, WA

“At Space School I have learnt numerous skills and I have learnt how I will be able to use those skills in the future when I leave Space School. My experience at Space School has been awesome and I have made so many life-long friends that I will hope to keep in touch with for a very long time. At Space School we have completed numerous fun activities that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to complete. I have also learnt a lot about space and STEM program throughout this trip and this has inspired me to possibly pursue a career in STEM fields in the future.”

Stella V., Presbyteriuan Ladies College, WA

“Space School has been really great and has given me an unforgettable experience with plenty of things to take home, including knowledge, memories and friendship.”

Steven G., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Space School was a fun and educational experience. My GM's were really kind, funny people who made this experience great! I loved learning all about space and how we plan to learn more about it. The people that I have met are people who have become good friends. Overall, Space School is an amazing experience that I am glad to have had!”

Tiffany H., Canberra Girls Grammar, ACT

“Space School has been the greatest education based program I've ever done. The facilities were cool and the people here are great and coming back to America again has been great. I do not regret signing up for this and I will always remember my experience here. I learnt so much more about space and the program and I honestly wish I could do this all over again.”

Vicki B., St Margaret's Anglican Girl's School, Vic

“I have learnt a lot over the past 2 weeks. The trip has been very informative and has given me a greater knowledge of space. I enjoyed meeting new people in different groups such as Hale. I have also learnt to be brave and talk to people more.”

Waverley P., Ascham, NSW

“My favourite was JSC because it was really interesting to learn about all the history and how everything worked. I also liked USSRC space camp because using the equipment and seeing what it felt like to be an astronaut was awesome and I really loved doing the missions. My experience here at space school was the best experience I have ever had. I had learnt so much over the past two weeks such as how astronauts train, the history and all the missions and being inspired by all the talks we had from all the astronauts.

Zoe C., St Hildas Anglican, WA