Senior Program Testimonials




“Space school was one the greatest experience in my short life, with friends and new friends I had gone from a quite person to a strong mature young adult who can talk in front of a large group of people. I have learnt so much and cannot just put it in a few things as there has been so many different things which I have learnt.”

Aaron K., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“At Space School, I learned many new pieces of very interesting facts. I was also able to create new connections with everyone in the group. I have expanded my knowledge in the areas of propulsion, landers, computer science and many more.”

Alan W., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“It was an amazing and eye opening experience. I learnt so much about myself and how I can conduct myself better for the future. I've learnt a lot about the field and learnt skills that could apply to my life even if I don't go into the field. It has forced me to get comfortable with presentations and get used to high stress situations. I've learnt to always keep an open mind and to stop putting myself down because I can achieve better than I think I can.”

Amanda L., Methodist Ladies College, WA

“The Senior Space HASSE program was a life changing experience, I learnt so much about not only what NASA and other organizations are planning for the future I learnt incredible things about myself. I have grown more as a person from this experience than I thought I would've and become more confident in public speaking and in myself. I have learnt about rocket building and cryogenics and a lot about how and why many things work in space. But I also learnt about team work, organisation, public speaking, confidence and persistence which when used together or apart I feel is incredibley important to learn and discover especially at our age.”

Ava P., Clayfield College, Vic

“This is an excellent programme for anyone science orientated or not as it is very inclusive and fun. I have learned all aspects of space.”

Cassidy N., Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“I enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially towards the end of the 2 weeks at Johnson's Space Centre, the activities became more challenging and fun and required teamwork which bonded our team. Overall, I believe I made the most of my experience and made many many new friends. I have learned so much at Space School. I learnt how to present in front of my peers confidently and some elements of physics and space. I learnt a lot about how mission control works.”

Cassidy N., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“The Space School was an incredible experience. It has grown me in so many ways. It had increased my intellectual knowledgeable exponentially as well as grown me as a person in the world. I fill extremely equipped to forgo into the world and into a stem career will everything I have learnt. At space school I have learnt more about space, robotics and past space feats from on hand experience and from hearing from the amazing experiences.”

Charlotte C., Danebank Anglican School for Girls, NSW

“My experience allowed me to further my understanding of what I would like to do with my life. I have learned a lot about the US aerospace industry and about the history of the American space program and space in general.”

Christos L., Ivanhoe Grammar School, NSW

“Space school was a great experience and was really enjoyable, educational and interesting. I've learned so much then I could ever imagine in two weeks and it was a whole range of things from robotics, physics to rockets.”

Ellie T., Marist Sisters' College Woolwich, NSW

“This has been an amazing experience. The people are so kind and supportive. Such amazing kind and passionate people. The trip has really opened up my world view and future career ideas. I have learnt what jobs are out there such as 3D printing and design. I have learnt how to build rockets and do a presentation under short time restraints. I have learnt how to push myself to talk to others and the benefits this can produce.”

Emma P., Iona Presentation College, WA

“My experience at space school was absolutely incredible. I've had the time of my life every single day and I've learnt so much about my self, America and the fields I want to pursue. Everything I've wanted to see and do my whole life was more than satisfied on this trip as well as a plethora of activities I could never imagine doing. I learnt so much about science and engineering and all the incredible things that the people around us are achieving.”

Georgia M., Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Awesome! Activities were interesting and educational. Speakers and staff were inspirational and engaging. Group Managers, teachers and Group Assistance were compassionate and capable. I’ve learnt the actual info about space and the STEM behind it. The many possible careers that I could work in NASA and how to grow and achieve my goals as an individual and as a group.”

Helena H., Meriden School, NSW

“An amazing experience that I would happily re-attend, I have met so many great people and gained a great insight into careers”

Isabella C., St. Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, WA

“My experience at space school was very enjoyable. I didn't have a science background but have always been interested in science. But I was supported and taught very well which made my concern go away. It was good getting to know people who I wouldn't usually associate with. I literally learnt so much in such a short amount of time. I learnt how to build a rocket, how to build a rover and a Mars habitat. Along with all this I learnt why things happen and the reasons why things need to happen”

Jessica N., Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations and simultaneously allowed me to enjoy the holiday period in Houston. Space is a really cool, and it gets cooler the more you see of it.”

Jonathan H., Knox Grammar School, NSW

“It was a life changing experience and I definitely met all my goals beyond my expectations. I have come out a different, better person. I can't put into words how amazing it was. I have learned the value of friendship, and how it can change my life. I have learnt more than what I can write in this space. My knowledge has expanded so much.”

Kayla D., Catholic Ladies College, Vic

“This has been an experience I have never expected, going out to America to experience the vast culture and to discover the endless knowledge in the space industry has deepened my interest into the space program. I have learned that this industry brings all types of strengths (I.e not just only sciences) which makes me want to explore more of my skills in other fields”

Lachlan S., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“I think it has been life changing both internally and in regards to understanding my future better. I've learnt a lot about resilience and persistence as well as always reaching for beyond the stars. I've learnt about life at NASA and how to fight for what you want out of life.”

Laura C., Danebank Anglican School for Girls, NSW

“It was fun, made lots of new friends, had a great time learning about and experiencing Houston culture and space science. Learnt that we can achieve lots when we work together and that space science is very interesting.”

Liam J., Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“It was really amazing. I learnt a lot about space, science, different areas that you can work in at NASA. I also meet new people and we had the best Group Assistant and Group Managers who made the trip even better!...I learnt that there are multiple different areas of science that you can go into when working at NASA. Also that I should just work hard and try as many new experiences as possible and that you never know where life will take you so just follow your passion”

Lucy C., Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Space school was incredible and opened my eyes to STEM and everything related to it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I learned so much about STEM, in particular about robotics, space and space exploration.”

Maya C., Marist Sisters' College Woolwich, NSW

“I had a very good experience at Space School and it was above my expectations. The aspects and activities of the trip were will prepared and organised. I have learned more about engineering of spacecraft and personal development about the themes and I have learned how to reach my goal. Also I have improved my public speaking ability.”

Noah T., Hale School, WA

“Space School was an incredible once in a lifetime experience for students interested in STEM. The activities we completed were challenging but exciting and I have learned so much during my time here. Along the way I have made friends I know I will keep in touch with, and I have been so lucky to meet the teachers, managers, assistants and more involved in the space school program. At space school I have not only learned all about space exploration - past, present, and future - as well as how to cooperate better in a team, work collaboratively, organise myself. I have also learned that there are so many opportunities available to everyone as long as you have goals and strive to do your best.”

Polly H., Marist Sisters' College Woolwich, NSW

“My experience at Space School really was amazing and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I loved all the experiences and the constant motion of the program was tiring but fulfilling with much accomplished each day. There was also enough down time which allowed it to be very enjoyable. At Space School I have learned what goes on in the space industries and that there really are people behind all the things we just hear about and don't hear about. I also learned the immense task of sending people to the ISS and sending anything into space along with the mantra of having a goal and believing in it which will really help with my future endeavours by just giving me something to focus on throughout”

Rowan B., Hale School, WA

“I enjoyed meeting the guest speakers and learning about NASA as well as experiencing the Johnson Space Centre and all the activities there. I learnt about future technology and how they will be used to get to Mars.”

Ryan L., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“I had a lot of fun and was thoroughly satisfied with the experience. I'm not that good at science but that didn't prevent me from enjoying Space School. I learned a lot, and I expect all of my new knowledge to help me in the future in one way or another. The staff and PEGS teachers were great at leading and caring for us…I learned a lot about space exploration, mostly because I knew very little beforehand. I got to explore how NASA operates and how space missions are conducted. I also learned a lot about all the science behind space exploration. Moreover, I also learned a lot about how I can improve as a person; I managed to work on my presentation skills and teamwork skills, both of which will surely help me in the future.”

Andy T., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“It was a wonderful experience. I learnt soo much, loved the people I was with. Matt and all the people in PEGS were supportive and I loved it. I learnt about the the basics of orbital mechanics, plasma propulsion, roles of different groups at Mission Control, the Falcon 9 and Saturn 5 rockets. I learnt about robotics, delegating tasks, teamwork and increased my confidence.”

Shraddha T., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“It was educational and also extremely entertaining. One of my favourite parts was the social interaction in meeting new people and making new friends. I learned presentation skills and a lot about science and space from the guest speakers, trips and researching for the presentations.”

William B., Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic