Senior Program Testimonials



“It is definitely an experience and opportunity for young people to develop respect for the complexities of our world. At the same time being able to touch and feel them and to realise that there are answers for unanswered questions. It requires involvement and hard work. It also teaches them the respect of teamwork to get this far and develop further. We think there should be follow-up courses which allows the students to get more in-depth exposure, involvement and analysing problem-solving, leadership etc.”

A. Hadid, Meriden School, NSW

“A great experience. Fantastic outcomes for the girls!”

T. Costello, Somerville House, Qld

“Great experience character building, working in a team environment was a excellent experience.”

M. Kloppman, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Vic

“Great experience for the girls.”

D. Vowles, Canberra Girls Grammar School, ACT

“I believe it was an incredible experience for my daughter”

S. Price, Iona Presentation College, WA

“I have already recommended this Space School to family and friends. Such a worthwhile experience. I hope that my daughter's school offers some scholarships so that girls who find it difficult to raise the money, can access this program.”

T. Turner-Jones, Marist Sisters' College Woolwich, NSW

“My daughter has complex medical and emotional needs which were dealt with exceptionally well”

K. Lewis, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Vic

“Our daughter had the best time ever, meeting people from other schools with similar interests to her who were enthusiastic and loved science and maths like her and didn't have to apologise for being smart. She feels confirmed in her future career choice of engineering and aspires to work for NASA one day. Would recommend this to absolutely everyone and was extremely surprised that so few girls from her school were involved.”

C. Grimmett, Fairholme College, Qld

“Overall, a very enjoyable experience for our son. The fact that we could see photos helped us keep in touch.”

P. Dev, Hale School, WA

“Space School provided incredible opportunities to my daughter, which I expect she will appreciate more and more over time. I had my other daughter attending the junior school at the same time - it was interesting to see how different the two programs were (both great).”

T. Carroll, St.Clare's, ACT

“Thank you for an amazing opportunity. Everyone who hears about is absolutely amazed that Emma got to go to NASA and do the things that she did there.”

K. Witcombe, Iona Presentation College, WA

“Thank you for providing my son with an amazing experience.”

S. Vivian, St Michael's Grammar School, Vic

“The selected chaperones were excellent role models and added tremendous value add to the experience.”

S. Tersigni, St Michael's Grammar School, Vic

“This program is a really great idea. I was very pleased that my son participated and he come home very happy.  The opportunity to meet an astronaut with that person taking more time with the students would be good.”

V. Rice, St Michael's Grammar School, Vic

“We would definitely recommend the space school to family and friends.”

L. & D. Heath, Canberra Girls Grammar School, ACT

“Well organised programme, which brings in an observable "redefined confidence and high self esteem" to the candidate. Provides a deep insight to students about the various and numerous aspects of science and management involved, which could be instrumental for triggering their next career steps.”

A. Kumar, Meriden School, NSW



“Can't pick between Space U and JSC...both were amazing for their own reasons. Having the inclusion of a Level 9 tour (all aspects of this) would have been better. Shopping and NBA were awesome. Was an excellent experience bringing like minded girls together”

Andrea Hickey, Mary Mackillop College

“Favorite activities were launching rockets and the Mars Rover. The NBA, loved the atmosphere and the way the girls got into the spirit of the game. Graduation was fabulous seeing how much love was in that room.”

Juliette Major, St.Clare's

“Space Mission - George Observatory had every single student engaged! The basketball game was fantastic. The visit to the rocket site - for all the scientists and future engineers, a great opportunity. An inspiring program for the next generation of scientists.”

Susan Andreevski, Ivanhoe Grammar School

“Coding the Mars Rover. Working with another teacher from another school. Learning a little about coding and the activity to take home to replicate. The Themes of the day- it gave a framework to think about and reflect upon personal attributes and growth.”

Jeff Capuano, Ivanhoe Grammar School

“Astronaut speakers, hearing their stories was so inspiring. Thank you for engaging our students in Space School. The activities and experience were extremely worthwhile. It was pleasing to see the development in the students' personal skills and growth throughout the tour.”

Sandra Papas, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“Space University - wide range of relevant activities that were challenging and required students to co-operate as a team to produce a successful product. NBA Game - I thought the atmosphere was fantastic and it was a great match to watch. Go Houston Rockets! The Program provides a challenging and engaging way for students to both learn about space and develop their personal skill sets. I thought our expedition staff (Group Managers, Clare and Matt,and Group Assistant Laura) were instrumental to the success of Space School and were very helpful and did their utmost to support both students and teachers.

Sherilyn McGrath, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

“Simulated Space mission was a great way to not only understand what a command crew and mission control need to cope with but also the collaboration and precise communication was of great learning value. Dr. Hanson was excellent, providing boys plenty of good advise around career changes in life and the how if you are flexible in your approach to your direction in life, as long as you enjoy and have an interest in what you are doing you can go far.

Shaun Lane, Hale School

“Space University - very well organised, good mix of theory and practical, pitched and the right level for students with room for advanced students. NBA game was a great cultural experience, would have been good if the seat were closer. 10 themes of the day were a good reflection activity, more variation in the student activities would have been good. X-Prize was a great opportunity for students to present to an authentic audience and put in practice numerous skills in a collaborative environment.”

Toby Trewin, Hale School